The Weather Station

Wed, February 21, 2018

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To whom it may concern,


Earthtones is the newest and totally most best album yet from Bahamas, aka me, Afie Jurvanen.

I wasn’t feeling too inspired in 2016. I’d been in a seemingly unbroken cycle of recording and touring for 6 years. I know, you’re saying to yourself “that’s so clichė, all musicians complain about being tired…” But wait, there’s more!

Not knowing exactly what type of album to make, I was feeling pretty low. But at that very moment, my longtime manager and confidante Robbie Lackritz called and said “dude, you should make an album with D’angelo’s rhythm section.” And just like that, the juices were flowing and the songs started coming.

I wrote songs about having success, having kids, and having depression. I wrote songs about going on tour, going back in time and going in circles. I wrote songs about my other worldly wife, my jerk dad and my garbage relationship with my brother. Crazy right?!

In Sept of 2016 I flew to Los Angeles and spent three days in the studio with the bass boss Pino Palladino and the titan of time keeping, Mr. James Gadson. No rehearsals, no charts, no rules. We worked fast and came away with 10 songs that sounded fresh and strange and warm and free of any genre. The results were so inspiring to me that I quickly pulled my road band (Felicity Williams, Christine Bougie, Darcy Yates, Jason Tait, Don Kerr) into a Prague studio to record a few more songs. And here’s the best part…the whole thing is produced by my longtime producer and confidante Robbie Lackritz, so you know the sound is correct, totally modern and completely familiar at the same time.


I know! You’re saying to yourself “wait what? The same Robbie from earlier??”

Yes! It’s a story about friendship come full circle, and how great it is to have someone in your life that can lift you up when you’re feeling down.

It’s a very positive album about having a joie de vivre for the joys of life. Okay, full disclosure…there’s a few slow jams too…

Hope you enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed making it.

Look forward to speaking with some of you soon (you know who you are.) haha

Sincerely, Afie Jurvanen

ps. see below for super important stats about awards, sales, streaming and all that business stuff that you probably see all the time.

-Multiple Juno award nominations
-Juno wins for Songwriter of the Year and Adult Alt Album of the year 2015
-A streaming juggernaut who averages over 1.6 million monthly streaming listeners, “All The Time” generated a staggering 32 million streams and counting as “Stronger Than That” cracked 9 million.
– Don’t even get me started on Lost in the Light…..
– So far 0.00 users on Tidal.
– Received an honorary high school diploma from Barrie Central Collegiate in 2016.
– Successfully landed a kickflip in front of Jack Johnson, earning a “right on dude.”
– Afie is currently planning on winning the polaris prize in 2018 and he would appreciate it if the Juno’s could change their rules about landed immigrants and just give Robbie one already.
– Other cool stuff that Robbie can tell you about.
The Weather Station
The Weather Station
The Weather Station is the fourth—and most
forthright—album by The Weather Station, the project
of Toronto songwriter Tamara Lindeman. Her most
fully realized statement to date, it is a work of
profound urgency, artistic generosity, and joy. Selftitled
and self-produced, the album unearths a vital
new energy from Lindeman’s acclaimed songwriting
practice, marrying it to a bold new sense of
“I wanted to make a rock and roll record,” Lindeman
explains, “but one that sounded how I wanted it to
sound, which of course is nothing like rock and roll.”
The result is a spirited, frequently topical tour de force
that declares its understated feminist politics, and its
ambitious new sonic directions, from its first moments.
On past records, Lindeman has been a master of
economy. Here her precisely detailed prose-poem
narratives remain as exquisitely wrought as ever, but
they inhabit an idiosyncratic, sometimes disorderly,
and often daring album that feels, and reads, like a
collection of obliquely gut-punching short stories.
Her previous album Loyalty was recorded at La Frette
Studios in France in the winter of 2014 with Afie
Jurvanen (Bahamas) and Robbie Lackritz (Feist).
Nominated for the 2015 Polaris Music Prize, it earned
praise from The Guardian, Pitchfork, NPR Music,
Uncut, and MOJO, among many others, who celebrated
its delicate, carefully worded verse, filled with double
meanings, ambiguities, complex metaphors, and rich
details of the everyday.
Lindeman and her band have toured extensively in
North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan, both as a
headliner and as support for artists such as The War
on Drugs, The Mountain Goats, Damien Jurado,
Bahamas, and Basia Bulat.
Venue Information:
The Teragram Ballroom
1234 West 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90017