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Wed, May 23, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


Wajatta (pronounced wa-Ha-ta), as the name suggests, is a mash-up of the artist’s last names. Having grown up with similar musical influences, Austrian-born Tejada and German-born Watts draw from their love of urban, electronic music. Exploring the intersection between influences and innovation, the two describe Wajatta's music as “electronic dance music with its roots in Detroit techno, Chicago house, '70s funk and New York hip hop.” Tejada's deep, melodic production makes a perfect backing for Watt's wide vocal range and live looping skills.

The Wajatta catalog began in December 2017 with the digital release of its first single “Runnin’.” One of twelve tracks to have been created during the duo’s early jam sessions at Tejada’s home studio last year, “Runnin’” also has the distinction of being Wajatta’s first physical release. A special 7” record featuring a radio edit of “Runnin’” with an instrumental b-side will enter the world of things on March 30th. The full-length album’s digital release on May 11th anticipates a double vinyl edition scheduled for June.

With the BPM rate jogging between 88 and 139, Casual High Technology spans a range of styles and tastes in a constellation of tracks engineered to produce maximum danceability.

Watts showcases his multi-octave soul pipes and celebrated knack for existential quandaries on album opener “We Know More (Than We Let On)” as Tejada lays a subdued electro R&B rhythm beneath clouds of ambient texture. Casual High Technology accelerates as Tejada wields his trademark electronic music production that he’s honed on elite record labels around the world as well as his own, Palette Recordings. Tracks like “Slippin’,” “Make Some Sense,” “Je Wa Soto,” and “Red and the Blue” showcase a cosmic harmony between Tejada’s arrangements and layer after layer of Watts’ simultaneously percussive and soaring vocals.

The album winds through powerful turns at dub craftsmanship on “The Solution” and “Easel Does It” before flirting with infectious synth-waves on “Synchronize.” The hypnotic fade out of album closer “Somethin’ Bout the Way” is a kinetic kiss goodnight on an album of earworms that answers the hypothetical question: What are the possibilities when two virtuosos armed with high technical aptitude and a knack for musical improvisation collide?
Dntel is the solo project of Jimmy Tamborello.
He started working as Dntel in 1994. A collection of tracks created between 1995-1997 (Early Works For Me If It Works For You) was released on the Phthalo label in 1999, followed by the release of an E.P. recorded in 1994 (Something Always Goes Wrong) in 2000. After contributing a song to Plug Research's Voices In My Lunchbox compilation he was invited to do a full length for the label, preceded by a 12" E.P. (Anywhere Anyone).

Tamborello was a member of the guitar based "Eno-core" group Strictly Ballroom and is currently 1/3 of the technopop group Figurine, who has a new record ready to be released on the New York pop label March records. In the past he has also served short stints in SoCal pop groups Further and The Tyde. Over the years he has released music on Plug Research, Phthalo, March, Darla, Blackbean & Placenta, ~Scape, 555, Sub Pop, Fierce Panda, Waxploitation, Thousand, Motorway, Monika, Q Tape, Elefant, Invicta Hi-Fi, tbtmo, Chocolat Art Returns, Silent, Little Red Square, Vynalogica and Visible.
Venue Information:
The Teragram Ballroom
1234 West 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90017