El Ten Eleven

El Ten Eleven

Tennis System

Thu, November 29, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$17 advance / $20 day of show

This event is all ages

Eat Dinner at Teragram Ballroom - Bar and Restaurant open at Doors

El Ten Eleven
El Ten Eleven
Hello friends,

We are very excited to bring you our tenth record: Banker’s Hill. It’s a nine-song exploration into the challenge of living in the moment.

Our music has been described as “meditation in motion,” which seems apt. Banker’s Hill explores the paradox of beauty in anxiety, the importance and effect of family and the fleeting possibility of satisfaction.

For the first time in our career, we worked with a producer. We teamed up with Sonny DiPerri and moved into an incredible studio called Panoramic House on the beautiful Northern California coast. Working with such a talented producer really pulled out our strengths and cut away our weaknesses. We learned and grew more than we expected to and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Some people are running from the current moment, we’re running towards it. Come with us.

- Kristian and Tim

Armed with merely a double-neck bass/guitar, drums and a dizzying array of foot pedals, El Ten Eleven creates complex, deeply felt music, from scratch, onstage, with no help from laptops or additional musicians. Made up of Kristian Dunn (bass, guitar) and Tim Fogarty (Drums), they utilize multiple looping pedals to create songs that sound as though they are being played by at least six people. Most first-timers to an El Ten Eleven show are stunned that the band is a duo. It’s a refreshing site in this age of letting the computers do all the work.

Since the band’s inception in 2002, they have always been just two people who produce their own records. That attitude of self-reliance led to the band launching their own Fake Record Label, where they have self-released 6 full length albums over the past decade plus. For 2018’s Banker’s Hill, the band brought producer Sonny Diperri into the fold and moved up to the beautiful Panoramic House studios in Stinson Beach, CA for a month to create their 7th long-player. The decision to bring another collaborative force onboard has proven well worth the change of process.

“Sonny gave me everything I wanted from a producer. Not only is he a phenomenal engineer, but he helped us arrange and perform our songs in a way that we couldn’t have on our own.” - Dunn

Part of El Ten Eleven’s success has come from tasteful licensing to Film & TV. Their music has been used in everything from Lexus commercials to the MTV Video Music Awards but the most notoriety has come from licensing partnerships with Gary Hustwit’s award-winning design documentary trilogy, “Helvetica,” “Objectified” and “Urbanized.” Featuring both original music from El Ten Eleven and scores from Kristian Dunn, the films' beautiful precision are a perfect marriage for El Ten Eleven’s meticulously-layered sounds.
Tennis System
Tennis System
The world’s gone haywire and anxiety for the future wracks us all, but what else is new? That's all the scene-setting you need to know to fall for the sunny ambivalence of “P A I N,” the latest release from L.A.’s raucous Tennis System.

The characteristically lush, squalling album pans over familiar thematic terrain for the band, delving into the modern, youthful dilemmas of isolation and longing, failure and persistence. But the band’s melodies are newly infused with the sting of recent personal loss.

On the record’s swinging, 60s girl group-tinged single, “Everybody,” guitarist-singer Matty Taylor teases out what might have been the usual dreamy goals for his life before promptly giving up with a sonic shrug. “What I want...” he sings, “Oh, never mind.”

Nowhere is the album stretching into new terrain more than on “Clearer,” a brightly upbeat track that abruptly pivots toward darkness. Its chorus rings in our ears, reminding us that despite the passage of time, the self is inescapable — a curse if ever there was one.

“P A I N” will be released as a Record Store Day exclusive April 21st via Graveface Records. (Digital copies and streaming are available April 27.)

Of the EP, bassist Sam Glassberg says: “It's called ‘pain’ for a reason. It was painful to make. We made sacrifices to make the album.” Jobs were abandoned. Loved ones were lost, or separated by distance. All the while the band was keenly connected to the national mood. “It's a painful time right now, and everyone's understanding their own relationship with pain,” says drummer Garren Orr.

Tennis System’s slash-and-burn live shows remain proof that this is a band best experienced in real time. They’ve played with The Flaming Lips, Ride, Dinosaur Jr., Kendrick Lamar and Diiv at Austin Psych Fest, SXSW, Noise Pop Fest, Echo Park Rising and the Air + Style festivals, and the Ace Hotel Palm Springs. Tennis System has also performed at L.A.’s legendary Amoeba Records, held court during a residency at the Echo and performs regularly at the city’s iconic Part-Time Punks showcase.

Dubbed “one of the city's best live acts,” by LA Weekly, Tennis System recorded each song on the six-track “P A I N” live. Listen and you’ll get a whiff of the electric-shock energy of Tennis System’s epic shows.

It was in Washington, DC, that a young Taylor, the band’s founder, steeped in the music of Fugazi, Bad Brains, and Nation of Ulysses -- the sounds of discord that now underpin Tennis System’s sound. Glassberg, meanwhile, was traveling the world, a typical expat kid, his ears attuned to the sounds of the Clash and the Cure, Joy Division as well as the pop punk emerging out of American hardcore. And yet, it’s Los Angeles that runs through Tennis System’s music like a thread, infusing it with sunshiny power chords and a brisk prettiness. It’s why Consequence of Sound called the band’s last album, Technicolour Blind “a beautiful ode to feeling really shitty.”

“P A I N” was recorded in Philadelphia with Jeff Zeigler (War on Drugs, Nothing, Kurt Vile) and in Los Angeles with Courtney Ballard (All Time Low, Anti-Flag).
Venue Information:
The Teragram Ballroom
1234 West 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90017